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My Lions Story
How Karen Became A Lion

In 2009, I was doing a concert in Olympia, WA, and was approached by two Lions Club members afterwards. They both said, ”you are just what we need for our District Lions Conferences next year . . . will you come?”

I said, ”uh . . . mmm . . . sure . . . let’s talk further” or something to that effect, the whole time, my inner voice is going . . .”LIONS CLUBS? Aren’t they all those old white men riding around on little tricycles? What could I possibly have in common with them???” Oh, clueless me.

So, I accepted the two dates . . . one in Tacoma, one in Tucson, but I had no idea what I was going to talk about. I figured I’d better start doing some research! I asked both of those dear people and a few others who were helping set up the conferences, “why did you become a Lion?” The responses I got were mind-blowing. I spent time on their International website . . . incredible.

I began to learn who Lions are, and what Lions are all about. And they are quite wonderful. And they are WOMEN, and men . . . old and young and in between . . . and they are everywhere in this world . . . I mean . . . everywhere!

I became so enamored of the Lions, I knew I had to write a song for them. First, I wanted to write a song to just love on them . . . to let them know how truly amazing they are . . . and that song became “Because You Serve,” a really beautiful ballad, which I love to sing, and love to share. But that didn’t seem like enough. It seemed that the Lions needed yet another song . . . one to proudly tell the world who they are and what they do. Now, mind you, most of the Lions I’ve met are very, very humble people, and they do not talk about themselves, or brag about the great work that they do…so I decided to do it for them! That song became “We Serve” . . . an up-tempo, rousing celebration of Lionism.

I’m so proud to be a member of such an extraordinary organization.

Much love to you all . . . .






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